Incredible 3D Latte Foam Artworks by Kazuki Yamamoto

You don‘t even have to love coffee in order to appreciate these super creative latte foam

Trio Of Neon Skull Lights by Eric Franklin

A series of new neon skull lights completed by Portland artist Eric Franklin. “The structure of

The Dented Car Sculpture Built With Painted Human Bodies

Artist Emma Hack has built the dented car sculpture with painted human bodies in support of

Landscapes from Topographies of Carved Books

Artist Kyle Kirkpatrick has created these wonderfully tiny dioramas using the topographies of carved books.

LED Lights Inside Book-shaped Sculptures

Illuminated books installation by Korean artist Airan Kang. LED lights inside amazing book-shaped sculptures were programmed

A Cartoon Where Everyone Must Play Its Role

Artist Combo created a series of amazing street art in Paris, where disney characters and video

Incredible Photographs Capture Day Turning Into Night

A series of photograph called “Day Into Night” by Stephen Wilkes.

Spine Axe Handle, Teeth Picture Frame…

Incredible sculptural work of Canadian artist Maskull Lasserre. He carves humans and animals skeletal features into

Sweet Meat

Sweet Meat by Jasmin Schuller, he used real meat to create this series called “Sweet Meat”.

WWF – The World is Where We Live

WWF proposes this superb video entitled “The World is Where We Live” that shows the connection

Bear Constructed From 20,000 Zip Ties

Created by the New York design firm Design Office Takebayashi Scroggin, this amazing life-size bear installation

Wooden Table With Built-in Marble Tracks

Created by Dutch designers Nathan Wierink and Tineke Beunders,  Marbelous is a beautiful table embedded with

Harry Potter Paper Art Pieces

Amazing paper artwork created by Brittney Lee. Two Harry Potter pieces are currently on display at

Paintings of Pixelated Animals

A painting animal pixel series by Vancouver, BC-based illustrator Laura Bifano.

Pencil Shaving Portraits

by UK artist and designer Kyle Bean, these lovely pencil shaving portraits was created for the

Tree Leaves As The Canvas

Spanish artist Lorenzo Durán pushed the edge of the artistic envelope with a series of cutaway